a rich source of natural prebiotics!

For many years, game farmers, breeders as well as general enthusiasts have debated just why the Acacia Sp. is the single, most sought-after natural feed of wild Herbivores. A major contributory reason, it seems, is the recent discovery that Acacia is a rich source of natural prebiotics.

Frank W. Jackson M.D. updated an article on 15 December 2015 wherein the differences between prebiotics and probiotics was highlighted.

Whereas probiotics have long been understood as being either naturally derived - mostly from live bacteria in yogurt and other dairy products- or synthetically produced by pharmaceutical companies, they do not have the same health properties as prebiotics. In short, prebiotics are specialised plant fibres that nourish the good bacteria already existing in the digestive tract of the host. Prebiotics are the "fertiliser" for this good bacteria, helping them to grow, thereby improving the positive ratio of good-to-bad bacteria. It must be noted that this ratio has been shown to have a direct correlation to general health, and overall well-being and condition of the host.

Acasia fibre, which contains Gum Arabic, is major source of prebiotics. A major finding is that these fibres themselves are not digested. Instead, they are used to promote the growth of many of the good bacteria in the gut. These, in turn, provide many digestive and general health benefits. Recent studies have shown that prebiotics and gut balance play a direct role in maintaining overall health. When prebiotics are consumed/ingested on a daily basis, there is a notable reduction in anxiety, depression and stress.

Prebiotics, unlike probiotics, are not destroyed by heat, acidity or bacteria. Getting the full benefits of prebiotics is simple, especially when they are consumed in a full-spectrum supplement form such as BOSKOS. Dr. Jackson continues - in the extract from "Prebiotics vs Probiotics" - that science has proven the health benefits of prebiotics to include; increased bone density, a strengthened immune system, better-regulated appetite and weight control and improved general health.

Native to regions of Africa, Acacia is renowned as a vital source of dietary fibre which contains Acacia gum which is 90% soluble in water and is important to the digestive system. It helps the system to function at optimum levels of efficiency, and feeds the good bacteria. Acacia fibre also contains Acacia gum - also known as Gum Arabic - which significantly and substantially improves milk quality. (Ref. Primepharma/gum-arabic)

As has been said before: "If you're not feeding acacia - you're cheating your game."

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