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Debushing Drive

There is more than 16 million hectares of arable land in South Africa under threat from the encroachment of bush. The proliferation of Acacia sp thorn bush & sickle bush is endemic to areas in Southern Africa. The bush invades once productive grasslands, resulting in lower livestock carrying capacity. WESenterprises has devised a simple solution to aid the eradication of bush encroachment.

The Solution

Designed & manufactured by WES, a circular saw bush cutting attachment fits onto a wheel loader where the hydraulically driven circular saw attachment takes the place of the normal loader bucket. This unique implement is auxiliary to the loader and simply attaches in the place of the standard bucket but is easily removed when the services of the bucket are required.

The Process

WESenterprises identified a solution to this problem while developing a system whereby the thorn bush is cut horizontally to the ground level after which a topical herbicide is sprayed onto the cut stump which then kills the root system of the bush hence preventing re growth.

WES currently offers debushing services in & around Thabazimbi, but is also able to offer advice and all equipment required for de-bushing for DIY application as well as consultancy in basic veld management.

Debushing Process

Debushing Process


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