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Pig Grower Meal

Reg: V7147 Act 36/1947

50kg bags

Contains registered livestock medication that would protect pigs against diseases like, Swine fever. Feed small amounts from the age of two weeks, 2 to 3 times per day.


Feed ad lib until 42 days or 70 days. In that time the piglet would have consumed 33kg feed and would have gained 19kg. Feed until slaughter ready.

Boar and Sow

Reg: V6027 Act 36/1947

50kg bags

Feeding for adult pigs depends on the size and age of pig. A sow should eat about 2.3kg to 2.5kg feed per day. During lactation and pregnancy the sow should eat 3.1kg per day feed ad lib if the sow is suckling.

PIG GROWER MEAL and Boar and Sow Concentrate

Both feeds are also available in concentrate form. Livestock medication and minerals are already added. Recipes for mixture will be provided with the purchase of concentrate.